Sunday, January 20, 2013

We've enrolled Kenley in gymnastics! Her first class was on Tuesday and she LOVED it! 

She was by far the littlest in the class... but that didn't bother her a bit! 

The class was perfect for Kenley! Lots of running around and going through a gymnastics obstacle course! Kenley is a very active little girl so we think this will be the perfect outlet for her! 

Claire cried the whole class because she wanted to be out there with her sister! 

Luckily on Monday's the have a mommy and me class at the same time as the 3-6 year old class so Claire gets to start gymnastics too! We are all excited! Even though Kenley has been sick this week she has insisted on wearing her (borrowed from Gracen) gymnastics leotards EVERY day. 

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Emily said...

I loved doing gymnastics as a kid!