K Day at PreSchool

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

 Last Wednesday was K day at our PrePreSchool! We are having preschool at Amy's house for the next month, April is taking a break hosting since she was expecting and had now had Baby Shepherd! Preschool went so well last week! Little Miss Emma and her brother Joshua were sick and we missed them so much! The kids did so well paying attention, WAY WAY better than when I taught F!  

This picture is for Gramma Ronk :) All her little ducks in a row singing "This Little Light of Mine".

Song time! 

Claire was dancing and singing until she caught sight of this picture of Uncle John, James, and Nate. She just stared at it for the longest time! 

I was the teacher so I didn't get a chance to snap many pictures but I did get this one of the kiddos showing us their k's in sign language! 

After we learned how to make k's with our fingers, I had the kiddos come onto the living room floor to make a big K with their bodies! 

They loved seeing this picture of them right after I took it! 

Since Amie wasn't able to make it, I also filled in as the craft mom! {I LOVE being the craft mom!} I cut kite's for the kiddos (with my Silhouette) and glued them to the background paper and then let the kiddos glue on their K's and decorate with crayons, glitter glue, and foam stickers. 

Of course for the K food I had to bring our favorite kale chips! I think they were a hit! That... or Claire went around and ate them off of every one's plates... which I may have seen :) 

We can't wait for L day! 

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Unknown said...

Such a cute post! And adorable photos. :) I'm so thankful that you're sharing about this pre-preschool endeavor, because it's really got me thinking about what we want to do for Ellie Jo! :)