Crafts of the Day

Friday, January 18, 2013

 Every {weekday} afternoon when Claire lays down for her nap, Kenley asks to do a craft. I try to do something different for her each time and I thought it would be fun to start documenting them on the blog! 

 Today, I gave Kenley a piece of light blue card stock and 3 colors of blue paint to paint the card stock. I told her to paint it like the ocean so that we could put her mermaid stickers (from the dollar tree) on the picture. Kenley loves to paint so she really likes it when we do painting crafts. 

 I'm sure I've mentioned it before but cut up egg cartons make great paint palattes for kids! 
 Once the paint was dry she added the mermaid stickers.  

Her finished product hanging in her room: 

On Tuesday, we did painting a little differently. 

I cut a circle shape out of card stock with my silhouette and then I let Kenley choose some paint colors. 

I put droplets of paint on the circle and then I covered the circle with plastic wrap and let Kenley move the paint around with her fingers. Kind of like finger painting but without the messy hands! 

After the circle she wanted to do a K, so I cut one with my Silhouette.... I know... I know, I name drop that thing all the time now. I'm sorry but honestly I get so much use out of it! 

Her finished K! I think it looks super cute and kind of tie-dyed. 

This project is from last week but it has been one of my favorites! I used my Silhouette machine to design a template to cut papers to go underneath my clear iPhone case. I gave Kenley 3 white backgrounds and let her draw whatever she wanted on them.  

She drew our family on all 3 :) Brian in the blue, Me in the dark pink, Kenley in light pink, and CLo in orange. 

I find a lot of my craft ideas on Pinterest. Two of my favorite blogs for kid craft ideas are Whatever and Meet The Dubiens. I love both of those blogs so much! 


Jonathan Sarr said...

Okay, Keri. You are inspiring and amazing!! I am glad you'll be sharing on your blog!! Hope your beautiful little ladies feel better soon!!

Jonathan Sarr said...

This is Sonja, not Jonathan, by the way.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

What great projects. I love the phone templates and now I wanna get home and cut some iPhone on my Silhouette I don't use it nearly enough.

Amy said...

You are a rock star mom. Amazing! :)

Keri Ronk said...

Thanks guys!

For Chic Sake said...

Where did you buy your clear phone case? Thinking about copying you and making templates for our readers to print. Trying to find the best place to get the cases so I can let them know where to buy them.


For Chic Sake said...

Where did you buy the clear phone case? Thinking about making templates for our readers to print for their cases. I'm trying to find the best place to buy the cases so that I can let our readers know where to get them.


Keri Ronk said...

I bought the clear cases off of etsy!

They are great quality for a great price. I like having the extras to give as gifts or back-ups in case mine break!