New Staples

Friday, November 25, 2011

You might not have a few of the ingredients that I have been posting about lately as staples in your pantry yet, but you should!
NuNaturals Vanilla Liquid Stevia-Stevia is a plant based sweetener that is sugar free but 300 times sweeter than sugar. I really enjoy the NuNaturals brand because it doesn't have a bitter aftertaste like some of the other stevia brands. I often add stevia to my smoothies and juices to make them just a bit sweeter. I bought my bottle at the Sno-Isle food co-op for around $14.99, it seems pricey but since the liquid is so concentrated it will last you for a long time! I wish I would have known about stevia during my sugar free months! It would have made them so much easier!

Himalayan Pink Salt- This salt is superior to table salt and sea salt because it contains more minerals and doesn't cause bloating like table salt. This post by Kimberly Snyder explains it well! It costs about $1.99 at Trader Joe's which is the same price as all of the other salts so this is an easy switch!

Hope you are having a great Black Friday!


Jacki said...

Keri, you forgot to put "r" in the word pantry hehe. I'm going to order Stevia soon. I read in a magazine that it's good for diabetics because it doesn't spike blood sugar levels, yaay! I always read your blog for healthy ideas.

Keri Ronk said...

Haha that is so funny! Thanks for letting me know of my typo!!

Anonymous said...

I love stevia drops! And I'm quite excited to try out my very own himalayan salt! :-) (Thanks again)

Kristen Wieczorek said...

buying these! thanks for the tips!