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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Still lovin' the Children's Museum! Its so funny to me how in some areas of the museum Kenley's attention span is like a gnat and in other areas she outlasts me!

She is up to almost 15 pounds!
C.Lo broke out into an "eczematous rash" this week which warranted a visit to the doctor. The thing about "mainstream" doctors (in my experience) is they never seem to care what caused it in the first place but only how to treat it now that its there. In my mind EVERYTHING relates back to food (& lifestyle) so I am cutting back her food choices back to the basics until this thing clears up.

Kenley and I make pancakes together almost every morning. I LOVE this recipe by Oh She Glows. I use pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon and they are just perfect!


Emily said...

Hopefully for Claire it is just food that has caused her eczema. But as someone who has had it almost my whole life I can say it's not food. For me it's the weather as I meantioned earlier today. Other than that I have no idea why I have it :/

Barbara said...

you have extremely cute children. i miss them! and i love that you compare your child to gnat. love youuu

Carol Blanchet said...

The Children's Museum looks like a lot of fun. I should meet you there sometime! I heartily agree about "mainstream" doctors. We finally just started seeing a naturopath instead. Have you switched laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo? Gluten and dairy seem to be the ones that cause that...could she have had either of those? (Kamut is a high gluten food) You might try an oat cereal that she can feed herself - a healthy version of Cheerios?