11 Months!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

1 more month until this lady turns 1! I know that I say it every time, but seriously how is she 11 months old already?

Claire loves to eat lately! Bananas, Pears, Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, Kamut Puffs, you name it, she will eat it! As long as she gets to feed it to herself!

She is slowing down a bit with nursing since she has been eating so many table foods. Quite frankly I don't mind cutting back on the feedings because she is a biter....

She is so happy and mellow. One morning I went in her room 2 hours after she normally wakes up and she was just sitting up in her crib not making a peep.

She is finally getting to the age where she and Kenley can play together a little bit. It is so cute! Kenley absolutely loves it when they get to sit in the carts with the steering wheels together!

Claire loves to jibber jabber and laugh.

She still isn't quite crawling yet. But I think that she just doesn't do it in front of us because she has a knack for moving across the room very quickly when my eyes aren't on her. Today at church she was sitting on the floor in front of our pew during singing and next thing we know we look over and she is completely under the pew and Brian had to get down on all fours to scoop her out from under the pew!

She is starting to pull herself up and likes to practice standing!

Sweet Claire we love you so much!


Emma said...

love the new header!

Jenny said...

where has the time gone?!?! Happy 11 months Claire!

Barbara said...

she is so cute! love you guys!