{Keeping it Real} Advent with the Ronk's

Monday, December 31, 2012

Claire {kind of} hated our Advent story times. And... by kind of I mean she cried and tried to get away from us EVERY night while we read from our Jesus Storybook Bible. 

Even though Claire wasn't in love with our new advent tradition, the rest of us were! 

Just so I can reference it next year, here is what we did for each night of advent after we read that night's story! 

December 1st- Gift, Little People Nativity Set
December 2nd- Gift, Christmas CD
December 3rd- Milk and Cookies during Storytime
December 4th- Zoolights
December 5th- Decorate Bathroom Tree
December 6th- Decorate Sugar Cookies
December 7th- Christmas Boz Movie Night
December 8th- Gift- New Christmas Book, Starbuck's with Daddy
December 9th- Cookies on new Christmas plates
December 10th- (Mommy's surgery) Sleepover at Grammy's
December 11th- Window Clings
December 12th-
December 13th- Singing Jingle Bells, while shaking Jingle Bells 
December 14th- 
December 15th- Ronk Family Christmas 
December 16th- Extra Christmas Story
December 17th- Shopping with Grammy and Auntie
December 18th- Snow paintings (Black paper, white paint, q-tips)
December 19th- 
December 20th- Claire's Birthday! 
December 21st- Sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Ronk's
December 22nd- Movie Night! Beauty and the Beast
December 23rd- Go see Christmas lights 
December 24th- Christmas Eve! Christmas Jammies
December 25th- Christmas!

{There are totally a few days that I can not remember what we did. (How can I not remember what happened just a few days ago?!?! Weird!) I think that means it was something little like a cookie or a piece of Christmas candy}

I'm excited for next year's advent because I plan to add in some service opportunities since hopefully Kenley {and Claire} will be more able to understand serving others!

I also plan to give the girls their Christmas jammies at the beginning of advent so we get some extra Christmas time use out of them! 

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Emily said...

Love the idea of adding in service time. I think everyone should do that!