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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kenley LOVES doing crafts, coloring, and painting. Every time I lay Claire down for a nap she asks to do a craft. She also asks me to lay Claire down for naps all the time so that she can do crafts. :) 

I keep a lot of her artwork hanging in her bedroom but I have also started taking pictures of lots of them so that we don't have to keep everything but we can still remember how her drawings used to look. She is really into drawing people right now, I just love it! 

I think this one looks like a puppy... but she drew it in Church so maybe it is her first picture of Pastor Sean? Haha :)

Kenley told me that the pink lines on the sides are cheeks :) 

The children's museum had paper gingerbread men to color on in the art room. She loved it so I am going to cut a bunch with the Silhouette machine for her and her preschool friends to color at their Christmas party! 

Brian thinks that this one looks like a picture of a bacteria culture on a slide. His mind must be on his Biology class because I thought that she had drawn 2 suns overlooking the water! 

I wrote out who she told me the people were in this picture. If you can't read my writing is says Cinderella, Belle, Me, Gracen, and Claire. :)

We read about Noah this morning and I promised her that tomorrow we could do a rainbow craft so I am off to search pinterest for a rainbow craft! Any ideas? 

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SKH said...

If that is me, I've never looked so good.