Christmas Morning Stockings!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas has come and gone and now its time for me to post some pictures of it! 

Christmas Eve was celebrated with my {crazy} family at my parent's house. My family definitely knows how to do a white elephant! I came home with a gigantic real megaphone and Brian came home with a Christmas candle set that My Aunt has had wrapped for over 10 years... Haha! We didn't get home until after midnight but the girls were troopers! Kenley fell asleep on my sister's bed but Claire was still going strong until we got home and put her to bed!

The late night meant that the girls slept in very late. Usually I am a big fan of sleeping in, but we had a very full day planned ahead of us so we finally woke Claire up at 9:45! I just couldn't wait any longer! 

We did stockings with just us and it was really fun. It's great that we are able to be so close to family here, but as the girls get older I am really wanting to start our own traditions with them. This year we did the stockings together just our little family. 

I love shopping for stocking stuffers! The girls had very full stockings!


See those crayon rings next to Claire? I got them at Michaels for a penny! A PENNY! They were in the clearance bins without tags so I took them to the front to ask how much they were and they rang up as a penny! I promptly went back to the clearance bins and bought all that they had including some crayon necklaces! 

Dora Sunglasses! I had lots of success shopping the party favor isle for stocking stuffers! 

Most of the stocking stuffers the girls received will be great to add to their church bags! I try to have different stuff in the bags each week so that they stay interested. That also means that the girls received LOTS of stickers in their stockings! Stickers are like toddler crack! :)

I didn't snap a picture of B's stocking but I put 8 tubes of Blistex in there. He loves the stuff and is always losing it so I stocked up for him! :) 

On Christmas, I ordered Pottery Barn velvet monogrammed stockings right when they went on clearance! I can't wait to fill them up next year!! 

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Looks like such fun! And those crayons were a score. Your little girls are getting so big!!!