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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Since we have Preschool on Wednesdays and the Library on Fridays, Thursdays just tend to be a little lame around here. In an effort to make this past Thursday super fun I decided that we needed to go for a donut run! I let each girl pick out her very own donut.... (Though I didn't let them eat the entire thing). Kenley picked chocolate frosted with sprinkles and Claire picked out a tiger stripe bar which is half maple frosting half chocolate. I picked a chocolate frosted old fashioned because those are the best donuts ever! :)

While walking to the checkout the girls noticed the mirrors in the produce section...


These freeze dried strawberries are a fun yummy snack.. I have lots of recipe ideas swirling around in my head about fun new uses for these! 

I used a little clearance photo book to make a flip book for our ABC verses! 

I can't decide between a waffle stick maker and a heart shaped waffle maker... Thoughts? I grew up with my Mom making heart shaped waffles but I feel like the waffle stick maker would be really convenient with the girls! 

 Gracen and Asher came to play! I can totally see these girls having super fun sleepovers in a few years! 

 We finally made it back to the Children's Museum! It had been so long since we were last there! 

Whenever there are Dad's in the construction brick room there are big buildings and fortresses :) 

CLo and I had a little Dora/Pasta party

While we were eating pasta on the floor, Brian took Kenley out on a date to Applebees and then out for Ice Cream! 

The girls are in a BIG Tarzan phase right now. If the movie isn't playing, chances are high that the Tarzan/Phil Collins station is playing on Pandora. Kenley loves belting out the lyrics to "You'll be in my Heart". 

While Claire was napping, Kenley was dancing in her underwear to Tarzan music :) Just a normal Sunday afternoon....

Silly Girls

Again with the Tarzan.... 

I guess Kenley isn't the only child who can sleep in funny positions! Silly CLo! 

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