Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their families! 

Our little preschool had our Christmas party on the 19th! It was a little crazy since we kept the little kids out with the big kids, and I am sure that each and every child had a melt down at one time, but we still had lots of fun! 

I made reindeer donuts! I saw the idea on The Larson Lingo (I love her blog). 

I also made these adorable snowman drinkable yogurts! 

I'm kind of obsessed with how cute they are! 

I saw this idea on one of my favorite blog's Meet the Dubiens. She makes the cutest lunches for her kiddos, I totally want to be like her! 

Party pictures! 

For craft time, I cut tree shapes with my silhouette and let the kiddos decorate them with stickers and glitter glue. For the second craft (that I didn't get any pictures of) the kiddos decorated foam ornaments with foam stickers, they turned out super cute, I'll have to post pictures of Kenley's finished ornaments! 

Miss Amie did a Christmas Story... kind of... The kiddos were a little crazy at this time so she condensed the story a bit :) 

Auntie Amy lead cookie decorating time! 



We exchanged gifts after decorating the cookies, but I didn't get any pictures... For some reason Claire received 2 microphones... Um... I'm wondering what this says about our girl! :)!  So in addition to the karaoke machine from Grandma Ronk and those microphones.... Our house is loud! :) 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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