Claire is 2!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Since Claire's birthday was on a Thursday, we chose to have her party on the following Saturday. We still wanted to celebrate on her actual birthday though so we had a family dinner with my parents, my uncle Kenny, my sister, and Brian's parents! 

Family picture with our new 2 year old. This is the best we could get :) 

Mommy's girl.. 

Her shirt says "I'm the best present ever" I thought it was very fitting with how we now know what an extra special gift from God she was! 

The next two pictures are my favorite! I can't decide which one I like best so you get to see both :)

Someone gave her a chocolate right before we were going to open the presents....

This toy has us considering banning Grandma Ronk from buying presents ever again.... 

Kenley to picked out a doctor set to give to Claire. She colored the wrapping paper too! 

Happy Birthday to our sweet (and feisty) 2 year old! 

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