Advent Nights 5 and 6

Thursday, December 13, 2012

On night 5 of advent we let the girls decorate the little tree in the bathroom, the girls have a little tree in their room but we don't quite trust them to not take the ornaments on and off during the night. :) 

Remember our little incident last year? Kenley took the little bulbs off of the tree in their room and put them all in Claire's crib. I walked in just as Claire was about to put a tiny bulb in her mouth! We put a different tree in their room this year, but I am not taking any chances! 

While the girls slept I set the tree up and decorated it! I decided to go really simple this year and just did silver and turquoise ornaments.

On night 6 of advent we let the girls decorate sugar cookies! They absolutely loved it! I used this recipe for the cookies and this one for the icing. The ingredients are definitely not on my healthy list but I don't mind them once a year! 

They loved decorating the cookies!

 It was so fun! I definitely want to decorate cookies with them again! 

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Unknown said...

Some of my fondest memories as a child are making christmas cookies with one of my good friends year after year. Her godmother would get store-bought dough and we would roll it out and cut out the shapes and decorate using all sorts of icing and frosting and sugar, etc. Best time ever. I bet your kids had a blast :-)