Surgery Day

Monday, December 10, 2012

I can't believe that surgery day is here already. I am feeling lots of mixed emotions, I am excited that the day is here and we can get this over with but I also am not feeling excited about being cut open and all the iv's and blood draws that accompany that. I check in for surgery at noon so that means that my surgery will probably be around 2pm. I think Brian will be updating the blog with surgery updates. 

I am very behind on posting pictures but hopefully I will have lots of free (recovery) time that I can catch up on posting all of our advent activities and recent pictures! 

For now, here is a super cute craft that we did with Kenley this week! 

I gave her 2 shades of blue and some purple paint and let her paint card stock. We let the card stock fully dry over night and then I used my Silhouette machine to cut the Nativity silhouettes out of black sparkly vellum. Then we let her glue the silhouettes to the painted card stock. We laid it out on the table so that she could see how it should go and then she glued them on the paper herself. I think they turned out so beautiful! 

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Goodfellows said...

Goodfellow family is praying! Tell mr. Ronk to please update for us! :-) love ya!