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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Praise the LORD that we are safe, alive, and together!

The flood waters have receded but none of the vehicles will work and we are still without power. I'm not sure what this means for our trip up to VA and then our flight to Seattle.

I was a big dummy and ate a little of my favorite Harris Teeter Southern Milk Chocolate Ice cream so poor Claire is pretty miserable. Eating that darn ice cream was not worth it!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Praise the Lord!

KMom said...

Glad you are all ok, yes, Praise the LORD! :)
I'm sure you will have more pictures to show :) and story or two :)
and NO more dairy for you :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys are ok! What a vacation huh and stay away from Dairy Keri! Love yeah! Nicole.

Anonymous said...

ohmigosh!!! We are praying for your safe return!!! Enjoyed the pics from your blog and all the "newsy" info. You are a celeb!!! Loved the photo of DJ and Margaret really do get around. Take good care!!Love,m & k

4 Wolfs said...

so glad to hear that things are better..sorry about all the cars..when are u guys flying out?