Bloggy Weekend!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This past Sunday, we headed down to Seattle to have lunch at Picolino's with Kim and her husband Ryan. Kim writes over at Newlywoodwards. She was the first non-family member to read my blog and comment on it, so when I heard that she would be in town for vacation I emailed her to see if we could meet! Even though we had an aloof hit man for a waiter we had fun getting to chat and get to know each other! Thanks for coming to lunch with us Kim (&Ryan)!
Monday, Kimbe and I headed back down to Seattle to attend a taping of New Day Northwest. When I found out that Mama Pea (Sarah Matheny) author of one of my favorite food blogs Peas and Thank You was scheduled to be on the show, I emailed for tickets right away!

While we were waiting for the show to start I saw Emily from Daily Garnish walk in! Emily's blog has been a favorite of mine for a few years! I don't know what got into me but I saw her and gasped and said, "That's Emily!" Then I jumped up and grabbed Kimbe to have her take a picture of Emily and I. But then once we got to her I got so nervous to talk too her! I basically asked her for a picture with me and then walked away. I am such a dork!

The Host Margaret Larson

Ricky Shroder- He is a bit before our time...

Mama Pea!! Sarah was so sweet! She signed the cookbook that I brought and we got to chat a bit! I highly recommend that you go pick up a copy of her cookbook! Her humor about motherhood is infectious and her recipes look delicious! I plan on making her zucchini bread recipe tonight!

Mr. Seattle- He is in a firefighter calendar.. Kimbe wanted the picture with him..

"The Dawg Father" Don James and his daughter Jill Woodruff- Don James became a legend when he was the UW football coach. I thought Grandpa and Gma Marcy would enjoy seeing this pic!

We also met some new friends! Hi Jenna and Krista!

Being an audience member on a live TV show is really fun! Clapping and cheering on cue is fun and a bit tiring! I also won another autographed Peas and Thank You Cookbook! I really want to go back and be an audience member on the show again soon!


Maryn said...

I would have been pretty excited about Ricky Schroeder. I remember him as a little boy in Silver Spoons.

Looks like fun!

Joy said...

Keri! You look great! I did 30 day shred, too awhile ago and am planning on starting it again. It's amazing!

Keri Ronk said...

Thanks Joy! I am so glad that I did it again! One of my motivations was how great you looked when you and Cheryl were doing it!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

It was so awesome to see you! Thanks again for meeting up with us!

Looks like fun was had at the taping, too. You gals look so darn cute!