Update 12/21

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keri and baby are doing great today. I had to leave for my final at noon and got back at 5:30. Right after I left, Keri was able to get in a wheelchair and go see Claire. I'm super way ridiculously jealous cause Keri got to hold her. No one else did, which means I'll still get to be #2, which isn't bad. Right when I got back, we went to go see her again with my parents, but they wouldn't take her out. They said she had a pretty rough afternoon and isn't able to settle down so they might start giving her some medications.

All in all, things are going well. While I was gone, one of the doctors said we'd be here at least another week. So we're thinking about waiting to celebrate Christmas until we get home, kids wouldn't care...

...um...that's weird...I said kids, with an s. Weird

And now for the news that nobody cares about, I think I did fairly well on my final.


Kelly said...

oh Brian of course we care about your final! i can't imagine trying to take one with all of the stress you've been under. At least today alot of the immediate stress was over! Glad to hear Keri and Claire are doing well. and yes the kids plural is always strange the 1st time! It will be a Merry Christmas just having your family home and healthy. Even if it's not on the 25th.

Elizabeth said...


Ever time you mention one of your finals I wanted to know how it went. Just got done with all that craziness myself and still have nightmares about it...literally! Glad to hear things are going well. Praise God for his goodness to your family!


Sandy said...

Congrats for the good final! So happy to see Keri and Claire doing better, and y'know, Jesus probably was born in the Spring anyway.

Joan Dabrowski said...

Praying for you in EVERY area Brian. Thanks for keeping us pretty updated too! Love you guys~


Maryn said...

So good to hear the news. I can imagine the whole plural kids thing is probably a little surreal. Wonderful, though!

Glad to hear you are getting those finals done.

The Lord has been so kind to your family.

Unknown said...

We're so happy that you get to say "kidS" - it is totally awesome!

And, I find it funny that you said no one would care about your finals. In light of all that's going on, I think it's really neat that you feel you did well.

We can't wait to meet Claire, and are still praying for you guys! (I promise, it'll be AFTER you hold her!)