Sorry, bad updater

Friday, December 17, 2010

I apologize for the lack of updates, but I have two excuses:

1) Nothing super duper exciting is happening.

2) I just got back

So anyway, last night was sort of a 1 hour on, 2 hours off type of thing. After medicine she would be fine and it would make her really drowsy and she would sleep great. After about 2 hours or so (This is my best guesstimation based on how many times it seemed like I woke up and my perpetual "what's going on/half asleep" state), the drugs would wear off and Keri would be back in a ton of pain, but it wasn't "time" for her to get her next dose of drugs yet, so she had to sit there and suffer for about a half hour... believe me... pitiful! Once they got the drugs, she would take off into some serious R.E.M. Here's one of the conversations between Keri and the nurse right after getting the drugs.

Nurse: How's your nausea feeling?
Keri: (Groggy) Eh... better
Nurse: Good, are you having any more pain?
Keri: .....
Keri: .....
Me: Hahaha!
Keri ......
Nurse: Keri?
Keri: Huh? Okay....

The nurse and I had a good laugh about that one.

Anyway, about 9:30 this morning I had to take off for Seattle to do one of my make-up finals. Got back around 1:30 and everything was still the same, which is a good thing. So I left again to go run some errands and just got back about 15 minutes ago (3:15) and everything is still the same.

So there's your update.

A lot of people are asking about the C-section. When Keri first got here with her mom on Wednesday morning, the doctor on duty was apparently all ready for doing a c-section to find whatever it was through surgery. The next doctor that came in wanted that to be last resort, and it's pretty much stuck with that. Now that they actually know the problem, they can take other measures besides c-section, mainly the NG tube. C-section is still not totally out of the question, but the NG tube is suppose to fix it. I think Keri is hoping to do the C-section just to get this fixed, but I'm not sure she's thought about the fact that we're totally not ready for baby #2 yet, I still haven't finished debating the middle name yet!

Thankful for a great hospital with awesome nurses and all the offers from you guys to help out in any way or watch Kenley or whatever.

And a big shout out to my mom for doing our dishes yesterday...


Unknown said...

brother the only thing i can say is you're NEVER really ready for the kid, but i think you know that one. but i hope all is well. sounds like things are semi under control. anyways keep em comin and can't wait to meet up with ya'll again and see the kiddos. i'm back in cherry point now. you don't have to say it... anyways...

oh just fyi you might find this interesting that i couldn't remember the page url, so i googl'd it and "the ronk's" was the first thing to come up.

so good luck. gimme a call or a text or somethin, i don't have your number any more.

Emma said...

So does she have the ng tube in and they're just keeping her on pain meds until everything is cleared out and she's healthy again...?

Kyle Mills said...

Make-up finals? Are you taking a cosmotology class?

Anyways, we're praying for Keri, thanks for the updates, it's good to hear what's going on.

Steph said...

Brian! Please let Keri know that her AA folks are praying for her! We're all keeping close tabs (as close as your postings will let us be!) on the situation.

Take care of yourself, Kenley and Keri! Here's hoping for some great news, and soon!