Monday, December 13, 2010

3. It is December 13th and we still have not taken our Christmas card photo... Maybe tonight!

2. I tried Brussels Sprouts yesterday and I loved them! If only Trader Joes were closer I would go get some more right now! I think they taste like a cross between broccoli and popcorn!

1. We have entered into a new stage of parenting. It's the dreaded "Look Daddy, I can take off my diaper during nap time and paint everything with it's contents!!"

At least we know she will be artsy :)


Lauren said...

3. We haven't taken our Christmas picture either ... and yes, I'm upset too

2. How did you make your brussel sprouts? I think I may would like them.

1. Sorry that Kenley has become "artistic" - please ask her not to share that tip with Lily Kate :)

0. We miss ya'll!!!

Jenny said...

"oh my word Kenley" As David would say :) and very interesting, I will have to try brussel sprouts too, I don't think I ever have. I love both broccoli and popcorn!

Keri Ronk said...

Lauren! We miss you guys too! I will buy more Brussels sprouts tomorrow and make them and post them Wednesday! Oh and I became the best wife ever for making Brian sweet tea! We have gone through a whole bag of sugar in less than two weeks!

Emily said...

I hope Brooklyn does not decide to do that I will be grossed out!!! This age is so much fun. Brooklyn is totally different from Kennedy in that she is into everything so I know how you feel when they are at that toddler stage. Have fun and enjoy her!

Lauren said...

Glad I could help you become the best wife ever ... sorry you've been through so much sugar - now if that's all it took for me to become the best wife I could be doing good! :)

Emma said...

1. Greg won't pose for a picture, so y'all are getting no Christmas picture from us.

2. Have you never tried brussel sprouts before? YUM! I love them. Try sprinkling apple cider vinegar on them some time.

3. At least she said "daddy," and not "mommy!" ;)