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Sunday, December 19, 2010

So the OB just came in with the results from the CT scan. The good news is that there is no pneumonia and no blood clot in the lungs. The bad news is that they think the bowel obstruction has gotten worse. She was pretty straight up with us saying that this is most likely going to end up with surgery tonight or tomorrow. The general surgeon will have the final say though after looking at the CT scan results. She is suppose to come in by 4:00, but their track record for things being on time isn't so hot.

So now I'm in a frantic online shopping mode for carseat, toddler bed (for Kenley, Claire will get crib), etc... I think I'll have a little bit of time because I'm assuming Claire will be in the NICU for a couple days.

I'll let you know something when I know something.

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Joyce Cecsarini said...

Just for sanity sakes, leave Kenley in her crib for awhile. Allow new baby and time to go by first before starting something else new. If you have to borrow a 2nd crib. Trust me it will be worth it.