Remember when we used to do crafts?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kenley and I used to do crafts almost every day. Hosting Craftivity Camp this summer was great, but it also meant that I didn't get to do as many crafts with my kids. 

We are still trying to find our new rhythm for doing home school, gymnastics, preschool, going to the gym, seeing friends, and just having a life! Combine all that with keeping up with dishes and laundry and our days are full! Lately dishes have taken precedence over crafts... but I want that to change! It's time to bring back the crafts! 

In an effort to be a "fun" Mom again, we did the baking soda and colored vinegar activity! The girls loved it! Claire enjoyed it the most. She could have sat there all day. She used up all of her vinegar and then finished Kenley's too! 

P.S... has anyone figured out the perfect ratio to make purple from red and blue food coloring? Why is that always so tricky!

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