Catching Up

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I got my computer back yesterday! I am so thankful to have a working computer back but now I am totally overwhelmed with catching up on pictures! Rather than split them all up into different posts I am just going to dump all of them here in this post! Forgive me for this super long post and for the random order that these pictures have ended up in!

It seems like each time we go to the zoo there is a different "animal highlight" this day was the lion cubs!

Kenley made me a bracelet :)

I had a great girls day with these ladies! Amanda's Momma was super brave and wonderful and watched all of our crazy kiddos all by herself!

Rapunzel let down our hair! 

Look who I spied on the Kiwi Crate Facebook page!

Someone added to my grocery list! 

She wrote her monogram!

Kenley's Last Day of PrePreSchool! I can't believe how quickly our school year went by! 

Binoculars from toilet paper rolls! 

Memorial Day 2013! 

Our June Kiwi Crate arrived! 

Kenley loves her lantern craft! 

Father's Day Mugs for the Grandpas! Kenley painted my Dad's and Claire painted Brian's Dad's! 


Amy said...

You're alive! Yay! Love all these pictures - the girls are SO cute. So glad your computer is working again! :)

Emily said...

Love all the pictures :]