Claire's 6th Birthday!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

 Back in December we celebrated Claire's 6th Birthday with a Solar System party! Last Summer, the theme of the Practicum camp that Claire went to was Space themed and ever since then she has loved space and the planets! It worked perfectly to have her party be Solar System themed because we were able to do lots of projects that corresponded with our Cycle 2 memory work!

Since Claire's birthday is just 5 days before Christmas, we have started a little tradition in making a Christmas tree match Claire's party theme. We painted various sizes of styrofoam balls, added glitter, and hooks to make ornaments for her tree.

Lollipop plants for her cake! Party city has lots of lollipops that you can purchase individually! Wilton sells edible star glitter that made the perfect asteroid belt! 

For the backdrop I painted a 4x4 board from Home Depot and then marked off spots for Brian to drill holes in the constellation patterns that Claire chose (Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and Leo the Lion). It was quite an ordeal getting the lights to be just so! I ended up hot gluing them in! We gave her "her Moonie" first thing when she woke up so that we could add it to the backdrop. She loves her "Moonie" and she sleeps with it on every night!

 I printed a picture of Claire's face and tapped it to this blow up astronaut! It was one of my favorite parts of the party! Her face is just so darn cute!!

 We had to serve astronaut ice cream and astronaut ice cream sandwiches!

Cute space themed lollipops from Oriental Trading. 

We had various craft stations set up around the room for the kids. We had a straw rocket station, an astronaut coloring page, constellation lacing cards, a constellation identification station, and some toy astronauts to play with.

The pictures just don't do these planets justice! They were my favorite part! I painted different sizes of lanterns and we taped up a yellow circle tablecloth to be the sun! 

I placed glow stars in different constellation patterns for the kids to search for. I enlisted Claire to help add some random jewel stars. Instead of placing them randomly she put Big Dippers everywhere. She loves the Big Dipper :)

I think this might have been my favorite party to date! 

Shout out to my amazing husband and mama for spending an entire evening hanging black plastic on the walls, hanging the planets up for me, and every other task that I threw at them to make my party ideas come to life!!

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