Releasing our Butterflies!

Monday, July 9, 2018

A few weeks ago it was finally time to release our butterflies! We used this kit from Insect Lore because it came with 2 cups of caterpillars so that each girl could have their own cup. Every time we have been in a butterfly house, Kenley has had a meltdown and been terrified of the butterflies flying around her. This kid doesn't really freak out about much but butterflies somehow became something that she would freak out about. I am happy to report that she has now conquered her fear of butterflies! We talked a ton about being brave and showed her how to gently pick them up and let them rest on our hands. She is such an animal lover so its no shock that eventually she fell in love with these cool creatures! We definitely plan to do this kit again! When we lived in Las Vegas we did the ladybug kit and that was really fun too! Now we are debating between and ant farm and the praying mantis kit

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