Weird Random Post :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I had like 3 very different dreams last night. In one of them I was at a big thrift store that was having a huge sale and everything was .75 cents. (I was so so excited!) On one table was a bunch of purple Tupperware that I really wanted so I scooped it up right away and as I was getting some Barbie sized Tupperware someone stole my purple Tupperware. How rude! So I found the girl and got in a fight with her. Not a yelling fight....A fist fight....Weird. But then it turned out that she hadn't taken them and an old man had so then I had to go back and apologize to her. Weird dream right? But whats even weirder is that today @ the base thrift shop I found purple Tupperware! How crazy! My other dreams were crazy too. In one we were visiting Kyle and Joy in Japan but we were at some people from their Church's house and in the other I was an alien or a witch or something that one was the most bizarre! Because I had two sisters and a brother and my parents killed my husband but then he came back to life. But it had a lot of sci-fi stuff going on too. lol.

{Please don't think I am nuts! I just have a very vivid imagination!}

[Vivid is one of my very favorite words]

Side note: Did you know that you can buy nuts at the Dollar Store? They are big bags too! I am eating Dollar Store sunflower seeds right now! Also the Dollar Store is a great place for shower curtains! I always get mine there because lets face it I would rather buy a new one than try to clean those stinkers.

Please tell me you have random dreams too!


KMom said...

What did you eat before you went to bed!? X O

Joy said...

Keri!! Your dream must be a sign that you are supposed to come to Oki! It's interesting that I randomly posted on your FB status about vacationing to somewhere tropical and now you have a dream that you were visiting us.... LOL.

Jenny said...

Keri, I buy my shower curtains at the dollar stores too! I have weird dreams too, probably too embarrassing for me to tell you about :) You make me laugh, I miss you

Terri said...

I had a dream last night that I was decorating the 3rd story of our house (for those who don't know me......we have no 3rd story!) and I taped off sections of the wall so that my friends could decorate their 3' by 4' section. They were using cloth and pipe cleaners and ribbons and puffy glue to create flowers or self portraits. I think the dream was from too much HGTV at the hospital! :-)

Christy said...

Oh yes, all the time.

In the most recent I delived my friend's baby, who is due in a couple of weeks. She's expecting a boy. In the dream it was a girl and she came out swaddled in a blanket.

Steph said...

Lol, Keri, are you sure you're not pregnant?