Beautiful Day!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today our friends Chip and Amy got married. Its was a beautiful ceremony that was held at a house on the river. It was absolutely beautiful! Thank you LORD for the good weather! Yesterday was rainy so we weren't sure if they would be able to actually have the wedding outside.

We were matching today! We weren't planning on it but I got dressed and then when I went to dress Kenley I realized that she had a dress the same color as my tank top and it just so happened that Brian had a tie that was the same color too!

I cant decide which picture I like the best so I am just going to post them all! I think the one next to the tree is my favorite though!

After the long day Kenley conked out in Brian's arms!
And know I am just realizing just how many mosquito bites I got while we were out by the river. My goodness my legs look like I have chicken pox! I sure am going to look great in my skirt tomorrow lol. I hope that Kenley didn't get any bites! I tried to keep her covered but I guess we will see in the morning!

Oh and here is a video of Kenley that we took about a week ago that I just finally figured out how to upload it to the computer! I'm sure the grandparents will enjoy this :)


Sandy said...

Child abuse! I'm telling!

Maryn said...

I love the family photos! Ya'll look great.

Can't wait until Vi fattens up and has those chubby cheeks. Well, yes I can wait. I enjoy everyday with her.

Jenny said...

Kenley looks like she would just let Daddy to anything, like she almost likes it :) When David saw the video he said, "Is that Lily Cake?" and I said no it's Kenley, and he said, "OOOOOH" She so cute and I too love the family ones. I miss you guys! (I know I say that all the time, but it is true)

KMom said...

Oh my, yes the grammy loved it!!!! I'm not telling how many times I have watched it :) And the family pics were very nice too. Much Love, Kmom