Safe and Settled!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We arrived safely in Washington last night! God has blessed me so much more than I deserve, especially for this trip.

First, He made it so that Brian could take me to the airport! We had said our goodbyes Tuesday night but then it worked out that he got a super long chow so he could take me! Getting to see him in and of itself made my day!

Then on our flight from DC to Denver there was an empty seat next to me! It was SUCH a blessing to be able to spread out with all of Kenley's stuff! Kenley was really good on that flight except for the fact that she would not take a nap. Finally just as we were starting to descend she fell asleep while eating her puffs. She was clearly exhausted but she woke up when the flight attendant spoke over the loud speaker.

After that flight we were able to just walk on our next flight. This flight was on a smaller plane where there are just 2 seats on each side and I had the sweetest older lady next to me. She adored Kenley and was playing with her and would hold her. It was so nice!

Still no nap for Kenley but she did go through a bag of yogurt melts, half a container of puffs, and half a sleeve of ritz! Haha I guess tired babies like to snack!


Sandy said...

Glad you made it safe, how long will you be there?

Maryn said...

You better be back in NC when we visit the 25-28th!!!