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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We arrived safely in Quantico last night. It was a longer trip than we
had anticipated I was so worried the whole trip that Brian would get
heat stroke and pass out. My car said that it was 91 degrees almost
the whole way! Brian did great though!

Kenley can pull herself up on her own now! Right after I took this
picture she tried to get out of the pack and play an onto the bed,
thankfully I was right there to catch her!!! I promptly lowered the
mattress!!! I can't believe she is big enough for that!

I can eat sugar today! I haven't yet though! I can't believe that I
made it a whole month with no desserts! I had a dream last night that
Graham and Lonni Beth got married again and they had different cakes
on all the tables and I ate like three whole cakes!! Yikes!! I will
definitely no be doing that in real life!

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KMom said...

Soooo cute! Love the pic :) can't wait for tomorrow!! X O