Claire's Girly Lego Party - The Activities

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

When I was planning the activities for Claire's Girly Lego party, I knew that I wanted to keep it simple since we would have 12 kids between the ages of 2 and 7. 

When our guests arrived we had Lego Minifigure coloring pages set out. The crayons were in the bottom of a Lego Juniors box. (I got a lot of use out of those Lego Juniors and Lego Duplo box sets especially since they also doubled as Claire's birthday presents from us!)

I played a Roll a Lego Guy review game with my Apprentice Class at Classical Conversations and it was a hit so I tweaked it a bit and we played it at Claire's party. I covered the sides of a foam block from Hobby Lobby with lime green duct tape and some images that I pieced together in my Silhouette Studio software. The sides of the cube had: head, torso, legs, hat, roll again, and players choice. I ordered knock-off Lego minifigure pieces on ebay. Of course I would have loved to use real Lego but these guys came out to be about .30 cents a guy versus Lego which are about $3-4 a guy... and really, the kids don't care :). I ordered a pack of 50 but I only received 40 so Ebay refunded me my money making these guys totally free!

Each kid got a chance to roll the cube, pick their piece, pass the cube to the next kid, and then wait their turn to get the next piece.... Making their first guy this way took kind of a long time, so after everyone rolled to make their first guy, I just passed the bowl around and let each kid pick a hat, then head, then torso, then legs for their second guy. I had enough pieces that each kid could have made another guy but by that time some of the kiddos were getting a little restless so we moved on to the food :) 

The last activity that we did was guessing how many Legos were in this glass jar. I ordered this small Lego storage head on and I am so glad that I did! It added a little something extra special to the food table and Claire absolutely LOVES it :) 

There were 612 Legos and Duplos in the jar! Counted by me :). The closest kid to guess was Kenley and she guessed 408... Most of the other kids had really low guesses like 70 and 100... I think these kiddos were a little young to have a grasp on estimation. But I loved it as a decoration! 

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