Sensory Art Class #13 Favorites!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

For our last Sensory Art Class we did a Favorites theme! 
AKA use up all of Miss Keri's supplies ;)

At this table we had Koolaid Watercolors resist bookmarks, watercoloring leftover paper leaves, drip painting, seashell painting, snowflake drip painting.. 

Spin Art of course! 

Sensory Snow with a T-Rex skeleton thrown in for good measure...

 At the Play doh station I set out supplies to make colorful play doh birds. 
I set out lots of colors of play doh, google eyes, sequins, and feathers...

We had a second play doh table with our Play doh color wheel charts...

 The Water bead pool...

I absolutely loved leading this Sensory Art class but in the end it just took away too much time from actually doing school with the girls so I decided not to continue it after this session. We sure had a lot of fun though! Who knows maybe I will have to bring back Craftivity Camp! :) 

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