Anacortes Getaway

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

This past week we went to Anacortes to attend a 3 day Classical Conversations Practicum. Anacortes isn't really that far away for us drive to each day, but I thought it would be really fun for the us to get a hotel with a pool and stay in Anacortes during the Practicum! Two of our CC friends also stayed at the same hotel! 

This years Practicum theme was Latin Grammar. Which I must confess is still a little bit over my head. I tend to view it as one of those things that I will tackle once we get there in the Challenge (Middle and High School) years. 

On our first day we were eating lunch outside and saw the most amazing rainbow that I have ever seen! The photos just don't do it justice! It actually had a double rainbow portion too! 

At bedtime our first night we read from our current read aloud (The Wind in the Willows), read a few devotions from Indescribable: 100 Devotions for kids about God and Science, then watched Youtube videos about some of the cool creatures and things mentioned like the Mantis Shrimp, Blob Fish, Corpse Flower, the biggest flower in the world, and videos about baby sloths getting potty trained. It was a really sweet night with my girls that ended in independent reading time by flashlight. 

Pool time! The second day of Practicum the Agnew girls came back to our hotel to swim in the pool! 

After pool time we headed to dinner with the Siedenburgs to a yummy Seafood and Chowder restaurant...

After dinner we drove out to Cap Sante Point to let the kiddos burn off some energy! The view is so gorgeous and the kids loved climbing on the rocks... 

Okay everyone look directly at the sun and smile! 🤣🤣🤣

They saw an eagle...

This was by far the smallest Practicum that I have ever attended. It gives me hope that next year I can plan one for our city! I always thought they had to be hosted by huge churches! 

The girls loved this surprise left by the hotel... 
 I also want to add that while our hotel was not fancy nor was their continental breakfast fancy, they did offer homemade granola and homemade overnight oats parfaits that were topped with that granola and were super delicious! 

Bookstore time at Practicum is my favorite. I love this sweet little homeschooling book called Lily Stays for School. Claire LOVE LOVES it and has read it to me over and over again! I wish we had this book when we first started our homeschool journey! 

Day three the campers come in and show all of us parents what they learned over the week! 

The evening of day 3, Daddy came to stay in the hotel with us! We loved Cap Sante Point so much the night before that we had to take him there to do some more exploring with us! 

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