CC is over for the summer, now what?!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

This motley selection of pictures is all that I captured at our end of the year ceremony for CC this year...

Crazy {excited, nervous about talking in front of so many people, excited} Director with balloons...

I just had to order them since we memorized the first 12 elements in the Periodic Table this year! 

Since Cycle 3 has an American history focus we set up a patriotic photo booth! 

My sweet girls! They put up with a lot being the Director's kids! 

My awesome tutor team! These ladies are the best! 

So, now that CC is over for the summer are we done with homeschool for the summer too? 

We are going to continue with school through the summer and hopefully catch up on a few things that we missed during the CC year because I was preoccupied with CC things. Our days also just seem to flow better when we have a rhythm! I am constantly changing up our school days to see how they best work for us and right now I am trying out a Monday-Thursday rhythm of protecting our "school hours" by not planning any playdates, appointments, or grocery shopping trips during that time. Fridays are for nature walks, friend playdates, and going out to have lunches with Daddy at work. We have also finally honed in on a good morning time routine! I'll share more details about morning time and what curriculums we are using in my next post! 

We are actually doing more school now than we were during the CC year! I have taken the month of May completely off from all CC Director duties. I even set up an auto reply on my CC email and had Brian change my Facebook password so that I wouldn't be tempted by all my CC groups on there. I have been doing a bit of planning for next year for the girls. As a CC Director 
I spend a lot of time planning for other peoples children (and my own since they are in the program) but it has been so nice to take this month and be solely dedicated to planning for my own kids. If you are a CC Director, I HIGHLY recommend that you implement a month off after CC finishes! It has definitely saved me from being burnt out and I feel ready and excited to tackle the upcoming year... in June of course! :) 

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