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Friday, May 4, 2018

I have been trying a bunch of new recipes lately and I wanted to share a few of our most recent favorites! I have been mostly following the Trim Healthy Mama plan. To simplify the plan a bit, so that you know what I am talking about, when on the THM plan you don't consume sugar and you separate your high fat low carb meals from your high carb low fat meals. What I love about this program is that I can still eat carbs! I just have to eat them strategically. This plan was created by Christians and I really appreciate how they talk about God throughout the program and how He created food for us to enjoy as well as for our nourishment! If you are interested in Trim Healthy Mama I highly recommend that you read their books The Trim Healthy Mama Plan, The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, and their newest book Trim Healthy Table

These Crispy Parmesan Chicken Wings were fantastic! This recipe calls for dry brining the chicken wings with baking powder! I have never heard of that before and I can't wait to experiment with other sauce flavors! They fit in as a THM S. 

This Trim Healthy Mama S Pound Cake is fantastic! I served it with fresh whipped cream and strawberries at my last Tutor Meeting and everyone loved it! It was especially good the next day for Breakfast! Brian liked it too... which was a bummer because I definitely didn't want to share! ;)

Trim Healthy Mama has introduced me to quite a few new to me ingredients one of those is Baobab powder! I have been loving this Baobab Water in the afternoons! It's lightly citrusy and tastes very refreshing! 

I have been making these Cream Cheese Chicken Nuggets for lunches and they are so easy and delicious! I even took them to CC one day and ate them cold. I let another mom sample them and she made me write the recipe down for her right away! They are great dipped in Whole Sisters Dump Ranch, Frank's Red Hot, or just eaten plain! I usually serve them with raw veggies! 


These Orange Ground Chicken Rice Bowls make a fantastic E meal. Our whole family loves this dish. This dish cooks up super quick which makes it a perfect weeknight meal! To make it a little bit easier I use the frozen microwavable rice packs from Trader Joes! This one is also great as leftovers for CC lunches! 

Okay, this Trim Train Taco Soup recipe has some ingredients that you might not have tried in a soup before. BUT trust me and try this one! My whole family loved this soup! It tastes like a regular taco soup but has lots of gut healing ingredients. This makes a huge vat of soup and freezes great! This is also a THM Fuel Pull so you can either top it with cheese and sour cream to make it and S or some blue corn chips and greek yogurt to make it an E or just enjoy it plain as a FP! 

Lastly, these Trim Healthy Mama E Pancakes were a huge hit when I made Breakfast for dinner the other night! Once again everyone loved them! They taste light and fluffy like regular flour pancakes but contain no flour. All of the ingredients are thrown in the blender and then poured onto the griddle so there is minimal clean-up! 

Have you tried any new recipes lately that were winners? Searching Pinterest for recipes can be fun but its also hard to tell which recipes just have great pictures and which recipes will actually taste good! 

Check out my THM S Pinterest Board and my THM E board for even more inspiration! 

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