Random picture, she looks so grown up!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I had my first doctor appointment for baby number two today! It took
the doctor a little while to find the heartbeat which had me a bit
worried but once he finally found it the little heartbeat was beating
strong at 170 beats per minute.... Perhaps a sister for Kenley?

We have great house news! We found renters who want to buy our house!
Praise the LORD!! Right now we are looking into transferring our loan
over to them. What an amazing blessing! I love our house, it was our
first home but it will be such a relief to not have to worry about our
house while we live in WA!

Our computer is acting up again so I need to take it back to the
repair place and maybe then I can post a "real" blog update with
"real" pictures! I have a little video of Kenley to post where she is
showing off her teeth too!

Oh, my due date is January 21st and I have an ultrasound to confirm
the due date on August 9th! I am thinking that I want to attempt a
VBAC.... Any readers have any input on VBAC's good or bad?

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July weekend!


KMom said...

Oh my, she does look so grown up! Love the pic :)
Thats great news about the house. X O

Emily said...

She looks so cute!

I don't personally know anything about VBAC but this site might help http://www.itstwinsanity.com/. Her first birth was a C-section then she had her other 5 naturally, and two sets were twins. At least I believe only the first was a C-section.

Radmacher's R US said...

YAY! My Dr said that i was good VBAC candidate because I had no complications... its just Braeden was upside down and stuck... so Im guessing it depends on your Dr... I do, however, know that Prov in Everett are NOT fans of VBAC... so you'll have to find a doc that would!!...

Kelly said...

We have a friend due August 7th who is going to try a VBAC. I'll keep you posted!

Carol Blanchet said...

I am so excited for you! I have had 6 VBACs and I want to encourage you! If you are able to (depending on the circumstances for the first c-section) the recovery time is so much better.
There are lots of options too - a birth with a midwife, a midwife in a hospital or an OB in a hospital. You CAN DO IT!! (Be sure to do your homework about your caregiver and how they feel about it! You can always e-mail me with your questions. Love,Carol