4th of July Family Pictures!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The fourth of July was Kenleys last first holiday other than her birthday. So of course she had 3 outfits for the day and 2 of them were Polo. Her daddy actually bought the two Polo ones for her! He knows me so well! Our Church had a Military Appreciation Sunday and thankfully Daddy was able to come home since he had a long weekend! All of the active duty military came in uniform. I love seeing my man in his blues! He is so handsome! Jim and Jenny came down for the weekend too so Jenny and I had to get an 11 weeks picture together! I am due January 21st and Jenny is due January 23rd! Jenny put some good pictures up on her blog too! I love the one of Kenley and David! He is such a ham!

Thankfully we took our family photo before church started! I was sure that Kenley would mess up her white dress while she was in the nursery. She stayed clean and instead she decided to spill spaghetti all over my dress during lunch!

We had a great 4th of July!

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Maryn said...

Great pictures! I recognize the dress Jenny has on. Won't fit for long! :)