Long Overdue Road Trip Post Part 2

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Dinosaur Trivia Answer:

Dinosaurs were on the Ark and lived after the flood!

Ken Ham, founder of The Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis can explain it much better than I can! Here is part of an article regarding what happened to the dinosaurs.

"At the time of the Flood, many of the sea creatures died, but some survived. In addition, all of the land creatures outside the Ark died, but the representatives of all the kinds that survived on the Ark lived in the new world after the Flood. Those land animals (including dinosaurs) found the new world to be much different than the one before the Flood. Due to (1) competition for food that was no longer in abundance, (2) other catastrophes, (3) man killing for food (and perhaps for fun), and (4) the destruction of habitats, etc., many species of animals eventually died out. The group of animals we now call dinosaurs just happened to die out too. In fact, quite a number of animals become extinct each year. Extinction seems to be the rule in Earth history (not the formation of new types of animals as you would expect from evolution)."

read the rest of the article here

Leaving the Creation Museum in Kentucky we drove down to Memphis, Tennessee to stay 2 nights with my Great Aunt Ann. She is one of the sweetest little southern ladies you will ever meet!

Aunt Ann is very involved with the Memphis Botanical Gardens so we went for a visit. It was very hot that day so we were all dripping with sweat but it was still fun! On the grounds they have quite a large area called The Big Backyard devoted to children. It was such a fun place! Kenley would have loved it if she was older!

Aunt Ann (& Late Uncle Bob) donated for a chapel to be built at the gardens. It was intended to be a wedding chapel but the city wouldn't allow it to be called a chapel so it became a pavillion. It really would be a gorgeous place to have a wedding!
After visiting the gardens we went to see a nativity scene that Aunt Ann had donated to her church. On the wall they have all the pictures of past pastors (I cant remember what they call them in episcopal churches). I had to take a picture of the man who married Aunt Ann and Uncle Bob! It was so fun staying with her and just soaking up all of the Blecken history that is in all of the pictures and knicknacks at her house.

I so want some typeset letters that say Brian and Keri Ronk! How cute is that!
Here is a picture of my Great Grandfather Oliver Blecken when he was serving in France during the war. He was quite a handsome man!
Aunt Ann and Uncle Bob on their wedding day. Uncle Bob passed two years ago and you can still tell just by the way Aunt Ann refers to him that they had such a great love filled marriage. Kenley loved getting to spend time with Gran Gran!

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