Long Overdue Road Trip Post Part 3

Saturday, September 11, 2010

From Tennessee we drove through Arkansas, Missouri (stopped for the night), Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado (on accident), Utah, Idaho (stopped for the night), Oregon, and then through Washington into Marysville!

In Idaho we decided to make it an early night and stop at a hotel with a pool so that we could take Kenley swimming. She was so much fun in the pool!

At first she was a little apprehensive watching the other kiddos jump from the sides of the pool in making big splashes.
But once she was in she loved it! She was all about kicking those little legs and then clapping for herself when she did it!


Sandy said...

How do you go thru Colorado "on accident"?

Keri Ronk said...

haha a very poorly timed wrong turn!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing Keri.
When will the belly pics start? I couldn't even get a glimpse in these pictures :)