Long Overdue Road Trip Post Part 1

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our "new" "house" is still looking like a crazy mess, but since I have a minute while B is at the store and K is sleeping I thought this would be a good time for a post about our cross country adventure!

We went from North Carolina to Virginia to West Virginia to Ohio to Kentucky where we stopped to visit The Creation Museum. We loved every bit of it! If they had rides there it would be better than Disney Land!

Kenley HATED sitting on this dinosaur, she wanted nothing to do with it! When you enter the Garden of Eden there are lots of animals and it shows Adam when he named all of them.
Before the fall Dinosaurs were herbivores that lived in the Garden of Eden along with Adam, Eve, and the rest of the animals.If you look closely in this picture you can see the serpent in the tree. He actually looked much creepier than I have ever pictured him in my mind! If you look closely in this picture you can see that Adam does not have a belly button :)
I really loved seeing all of the dinosaurs and learning more about them! It was interesting to read about where they have been found! Quite a few have been found in the US! Interestingly enough it seemed that most found in the US were herbivores though T-Rex's have also been found here. T-Rex's though were actually more scavengers than predators. Everywhere that you looked there was tons of Biblical information just waiting to be soaked in. I cant wait to take our kids back when they are older! One thing that was really helpful was the evolution vs. creation section.
Outside they have a nature garden, petting zoo, and camel rides. We passed on the camel rides but we had some fun in the petting zoo! Here we are petting a Zorse which I believe is a Zebra mixed with a Horse! It was such a sweet animal! Though I guess they have to all be in petting zoos :). I got such a kick out of all these signs that were by the exhibits so I had to take a picture! Gotta love the King James English! We really loved the Creation Museum and we cant wait to go back! We didn't really have time to go to the Planetarium but next time we go I definitely want to see that too!

Okay so trivia time!
What happened to the dinosaurs? Were they on the Ark?

I will tell you the answer in Part 2 of the Road Trip Posts!


Emily said...

Good evening Keri-
This is a great topic. Channing loves talking about this subject he had a book about it and it circulated the church but not sure where it is now. But he is not here to answer so I am going to give it a shot.
So I think that Dinosaurs were on the ark as in the Bible in Genesis 6:19-20 and also Genesis 7:15-16. Also they lived after the flood

Jacki said...

I don't know the answer so I asked my husband. He said the dinosaurs weren't around anymore during the biblical times because they were already extinct during that time. I don't know if it's correct. Will stay in tune for the answer.

Unknown said...

So...funny you posted that Adam doesn't have a belly button...Robert ALWAYS asks me that when he's trying to fill my head with random facts and questions! :)

I believe that, originally, there were no carnivores. All beings were vegetarians, until the fall of man. God created everything just the way He intended, and then Adam and Eve sinned.

So....the dinosaurs were around after the fall of man, since some were carnivorous.

However, I think (not sure) when God flooded the earth, the dinosaurs went, too, because He simply didn't have them in His plan for Noah's Ark.

I have no clue if I'm right or wrong, but please post the answer! :)

Melissa said...


I really wanted to go here on our road trip before we got to Okinawa. It looks like a very interesting place! I know Kenly is super young for this now, but when she is older you will have to check out the Jonathan Parks radio show... it is all about creation science. Brandon loves it.