Easter Morning

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday, my husbands Facebook status read "Only my wife would take two hours out of a Saturday to make home-made Easter baskets for a 4 month old..."
Yep... Its true. Sometimes I think I have a compulsive crafting disorder. Thankfully I have learned to live with it :). I first saw this project on Aunt Peaches. The baskets are quite easy to construct but this is a time consuming project due to drying time of the coffee filters.

Kenley gets purple and Claire gets pink because I always got purple and Kimbe always got pink...
I didn't know what to put into an Easter basket for an almost 21 month old and a 4 month old. Kenley lucked out and got to have the contents of both baskets which contained eggs filled with Annie's Bunny Crackers, Pacis, and 2 special eggs that contained single Starbursts. They also received an assortment of books, 2 of which I am planning to use for a craft project and 1 of which I will be returning due to an underlying Wiccan theme. I am very upset with Sesame Street right now, that is what I get for not proofreading at the store.
We had a wonderful church service as well full of baptisms and sweet worship to the LORD. I haven't really said much about church lately but we absolutely LOVE our church! I am so thankful that God brought us to this church it has been such a blessing to us and we have grown so much through it. I can say with certainty that it is going to be very hard to move away from this group of believers when the time comes!


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

That is such a cute idea! Very unique Easter basket. Really like your blog!!

Goodfellows said...

Guess what my girls got too? Annies bunny crackers and annies bunny mac & cheese! Great minds think alike! :-)