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Saturday, April 9, 2011

made it to SPU without getting lost or using GPS. That is a first!

learned that I should just stick with coffee and forget about Chai lattes. Under the Red Umbrella is the only place worthy of ordering a Chai.

realized that I should probably also just stick with Starbucks even though I am mad at them for changing the logo.

ate amazing crepes at a French restaurant. Order the Le Alpine Crepe! Potatoes, bacon, brie cheese (I picked it out), and creme fraiche all in a crepe! yes please!

babysat Natester. I like being his aunt. I never get to snuggle with just him since my wild ones are usually all over me... I loved snuggling with him today!

think I can handle three kids... Just not 2 kids and morning sickness (or the freakish things that happen to me while pregnant). I want to adopt. NOW! We have adoption baby fever :)

made a dent in the mountain of laundry. It has now gone from Mt. Everest to K2. Yep I am that efficient

saw my sister. I like her. even if she insists on going to UH next year :)


Christy said...

Have you read Adopted for Life yet? It's SOOO good! It will definitely add a ton of fuel to your adoption fever!

Jacki said...

I just watched Geographic: China's Lost Girls from Netflix. It's a documentary about adoption. It was very heart-wrenching. I cried like crazy.