TECY Retreat @ Pacific Beach!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I know that it has taken me forever to blog about this, but I didn't want to blog about it before I read through my notes so that I could share some of them with you!

April 3rd through 5th we drove with the youth of our church to Pacific Beach, WA for a retreat. We stayed in former military housing that has turned into military vacation rentals. The houses were surprisingly very nice! And only $75 a night! Brian and I definitely want to go back there for a vacation when the weather gets nicer!

It rained for 97% of the trip. Luckily being from Washington, most of us are used to it.
I was put in charge of planning the meals and buying the groceries. I had a large budget and thankfully I came in well below it! We decided that instead of buying disposable plates and cups we would buy reusable dish ware and keep it for future retreats.
Laila and I went to Value Village the night before the trip and nearly cleared them out of plates and mugs. Everyone actually really liked the idea of having their "own" quirky mug and plate at each meal!
I was very worried that we would not have enough food for everyone. Boy, was I wrong! I had totally forgotten about the fact that teenage girls barely eat when they are in the presence of teenage boys. We had tons of leftovers!

I love playing games! I was introduced to Take 1 and am now hooked!!
Brian stayed up much later than I did over at the boys house so he took a little nap with Claire. Claire actually did pretty well on the trip! The first night she wanted me to hold her the whole night but the second night she did much better! Thankfully my awesome roomie Barbara was very gracious about being awoken in the night by a crying baby.
Barbara also taught me the art of baby wearing! Neither Claire or I were crazy about the Hotsling but we both LOVED the Mei Tai! I can't wait to get one! I foresee it making grocery shopping at Trader Joe's MUCH more convenient! The beach was cold and windy but still beautiful!

I took this picture for Lydia :) It reminds me of her!

Snuggly teddy bear ClaireAmy was awesome and kept Kenley for us so that we could go!
Pretty seashell that looks like a butterfly
Now, for the notes! Sean spoke his messages that he originally preached at the '05 SR which was our senior year! This trip we focused mainly on Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, and Soli Deo Gloria.
I just want to share a few statements that REALLY stuck out to me.

- We are ushering in a new dark ages by not considering Truth.
- Grace is something for God to give as He wants, not for us to take as we want.
- Let us not let each other get away with weak faith (This was prayed by SKH and it really stuck out to me. How often do we see each other coasting and pretend that we don't see it? Accountability is so important!).
- Every time we sin we question Scriptures authority.
- When you hold onto bitterness you are making yourself an idol because you esteem yourself too highly.
-Theologians used to argue that the chief purpose of man was to glorify God, now we act as if the chief purpose of God is to glorify man.
- Sin happens when you do not have a proper view of God.
- What comes into our minds when we think about God may be the most important aspect of our lives.

You can listen to Sean's original messages from the '05 SR here.

I am so glad that we went on this trip. The messages were convicting and reviving and the fellowship was sweet.


Unknown said...

Keri, I loved reading about this! It's so encouraging, and I loved all the ideas you all incorporated!

Carmen said...

Keri, I too loved reading and seeing your pictures of the retreat. So thankful for you and the others who worked so hard to make it happen. You are a blessing to the kids and their families.

jen vanderBeken said...

Keri!! Thanks for the TECY retreat in a shell (nut, that is). Great pictures, notes & comments. I feel as though I were there (almost :)) Your one of my favorite bloggers my flip-flop friend! xoxo, j
PS Isn't Barbara the best!?! (So that was more of a comment & not really a question)