Mother's Day 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mother's Day 2011
Mother's Day is coming up soon! Not that Brian can't think of good gift ideas on his own, he totally can, but I thought I would still post my two wishlist items anyway! I really want a Phil and Ted's Stroller! I am growing more and more tired of having Kenley in the stroller and Claire in the Bjorn. Even though she is only like 10 pounds she gets heavy fast! I think the Phil and Ted's will work best for us in the long run since it has so many combination capabilities! Thanks to the generous ladies at my baby shower, we will probably be getting one very soon!

I also really want a flip video camera. I hate that we haven't taken many video's of the girls and I think the flip would make it easier and more convenient to take videos of the everyday fun that we have!

What is on your Mother's Day wishlist?

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Jenny said...

Hey Keri,
Just wanted to say that we have that Phil & Ted stroller and LOVE it!!! We also got the doubles piece and actually just tried it out today and it is SO awesome. You will love it too. We got ours on when they were having a 10% off sale, plus free shipping! It is a really great investment! I'd say the only downside is that you have to buy everything separately (cup holder, saddle bags etc) but it truly is the best double jogger ever!