Monday, March 12, 2012

It seems as though I am only capable of taking pictures with my phone lately. Here are a few of my favorites:

Papa Bob and Granny Brenda were kind enough to watch the girls so that Brian and I could go to a concert for his music class. When we came to pick them up sweet CLo was totally passed out in Papa Bob's arms.
On a rare trip to Trader Joe's with just Kenley, I let her bring her purse and baby into the store. Everyone who walked past told me how cute she looked. She is such a good "Mommy"!

When you are the little sister sometimes you have to put up with a lot..... Like your sister jumping like a crazy person on the mini trampoline while you are obviously trying to sit on it by yourself :)
I highly recommend Crayola bath tub crayons! Kenley loves them! Here she is with her "whales".
One day Kenley and I were Face Timing with Brian in the kitchen and I realized that Claire was being super quiet in the living room so I rushed in to see what she was getting into. Turns out she had fallen asleep on the floor! She looked so sweet that I didn't want to disturb her so Kenley put a blanket over her and gave her a toy to snuggle with.

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KMom said...

beautiful pics! <3