February Recap and March Goals

Thursday, March 1, 2012

For some reason all my memories of February just seem like a blur! I can barely remember what happened in the beginning of the month! I guess that means that life has been full! February wasn't a very productive month at all. March probably won't be too productive either since we will be going on vacation! Sunshine and warmth here we come!!!

Keri's February Goals

- Read the book of Esther everyday- Fail. I missed a day halfway through and then decided to switch to Jonah. It is hard to reread the same story every day and still pay attention to it. I didn't really have this problem when I was reading the epistles every day. I love the book of Esther though! The book of Jonah seems so unfinished to me! I have been pondering what Jonah chapter 5 would have said.
- Run at least once a week. February has been so crazy and honestly I just failed to make time for this.
- Make my half marathon training plan- Success! I planned it all out last night and I am super happy with the plan that I made!
- 3 trips to the Children's Museum. Fail. We only went twice.
- Finish painting the bathroom. Big Fat Fail
- Decide on a paint color for our bedroom. Big Fat Fail. But I think I am leaning toward a super light gray. Shocker right? :)
- Celebrate my 25th Birthday! I may very well make myself a cake! :) Success! I didn't make myself a cake but my wonderful mother in law brought me over an eclair! I had a really great birthday!
- Do at least 1 load of laundry 5 days a week. I think this was a success, I don't really remember since this month seems like a blur but I am pretty sure that I stayed more on top of it.
- Date with the Hubs. Success! I think that we went on 3 dates!!
- Be more consistent with Kenley (discipline, potty training, paci removal, etc.) Success. Kind of, consistency is always a process. We have had a lot more discipline issues lately so I have had to stay on top of that. Potty training is going great though! Paci Removal is scheduled for March. We are going to Arizona and the paci's aren't coming back home with us.
- Be more consistent with Claire (She has been starting to throw food and pitch fits, so its time to start some discipline). Success, but again, consistency is a process.
- Stick to the Allocated Spending Plan! We did not do very well at this, but our Jeep should sell this month so that we can be debt free (except that pesky NC house)!

March Goals

- Read through the book of Proverbs thoroughly
- No (processed) Sugar. Amy and I are at it again! (Maple Syrup, Honey, and Stevia are acceptable)
- Run 35 miles- I've learned that I do great with mileage goals rather than just running to run.
- Work on table manners with Kenley- We are trying to transition her from high chair to chair but she is so fidgety and wants to get up and down all the time and then doesn't really eat anything. That's not okay so we need lots of work in this area.
- Stay on top of the laundry
- Take away the girls paci's. Yikes. As I said before, the paci's won't be returning home with us from our vacation. I think we just have to rip off the band aid :)

That is it this month! What are your goals for March?


Emily said...

You going to get another car or go down to 1 and the motorcyle? We were suppose to be debt free this month but moving pushed that back and now we're looking at finding a new bike for Frank around $3,000 at max! It will also be our first big cash purchase!! It will help us keep gas price down, which moving closer to everything has already helped with thankfully.

Keri Ronk said...

We actually have 2 jeeps and the bmw right now so we are trying to sell the silver jeep. We also still have Brian's motorcycle. Motorcycles are just super impractical for living in frigid Washington!

Emily said...

You guys collecting vehicles? Ha frank used to ride his bike in va during the winter. He layered up in snow and riding gear ha. I should have weighted him after he put everything on! Ha he's a due hard rider ha

Unknown said...

This is where you can find my post on goals for the month! :) (And an update from February). http://nerdinessembraced.blogspot.com/2012/03/march-goals-and-february-update.html