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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My sister posted on my facebook wall to ask if I gave up blogging for Lent. I assure you I have not, our days just seem to be extra full lately. Potty training and teething just aren't the most fun "blogable" topics but they do take up the majority of our time.

Here is a little glimpse at how we fill our days...

Daddy and Kenley went on a Date! Kenley loves getting to go on dates with Daddy and talks about it all the time! This date they went to a Land Nav (Marine Corps/ ROTC) thing and then to Burger King.
Kenley loved getting to wear a crown and be a princess! She loves all things princess which is funny because when she was born we wanted to have nothing pink and nothing princess. Kenley is just a sparkly pink princess kind of kid though!
While Kenley and Brian were on their date, I was attending a baby shower where I made the cakes! I loved how they turned out! I used blue candy melts from Michael's to make the polka dots! Super easy!
The inside of the cake was my favorite part! I love layer cakes! I used Meg's frosting recipe which is always amazing. Once you make that frosting you will never buy frosting again.
Sally Hansen sells these nail polish pen things that are perfect for doing Kenley's fingers and toes because they dry super fast! I bought mine at the Dollar Tree and when I went back to buy more they were all gone. I wish I would have bought all that they had when I was there!

We went over to dinner at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Ford's house!

I drove into the curb... Stupid. It's hard to see in this picture but I cracked the bumper.
Claire got a bang trim. Worst $10 I have ever spent! They don't look too bad in this picture but in person they are quite blunt. I wanted her bangs trimmed so that we wouldn't have to rely on hairbows all day every day but now that her bangs are all funky, we still have to use hairbows all the time.
Brian and I went on a Gun Range/ Starbucks date! It was fun! I think that any activity with this man would be fun! Dates are awesome and marriage is awesome!
It would have been more fun if they didn't keep it so frigid in there though! I wore 4 thick layers and I was still frozen by the time we left. Thats why Starbucks was necessary :)
The rest of our days have been filled with...
  • Juicing- We still love it and have juice almost every morning!
  • Dehydrating -My new Exclaibur can fit 5 pounds of apple chips in there!
  • Lots of Trader Joe's trips- We go through at least 5 maybe 6 bags of apples a week, same with bags of romaine lettuce! We have to shop very often. Trader Joe's has the best prices for organic produce, even better than Walmart!
  • Potty Training- Kenley is totally potty trained during the day and she is just in diapers at night time!
  • Teething- Claire is up to 7 teeth and for right now, today, this very hour, she seems to not be teething currently?!? Claire is no fun to be around when she is teething so a little break from teething will be welcomed.
  • "School" at the Library on Friday's- The Library has a little pre-pre-school program that we have started going to! The kids get to play and do crafts for about an hour and then the leader announces clean up time and they all clean up and then sit in a circle and listen to a story and sing songs. Kenley loves it and totally thrives in that environment!
  • Kenley can count to 11 and is super super close to knowing her ABC's. She gets a bit stuck at H-I-J-K and says H- Kai-J but other than that she will sing the whole thing!
  • Kenley loves singing Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star.
  • Claire is close to walking, I think if we start to walk her around more she will catch on really fast. Kenley had the Goodfellow girls to walk her around constantly, Claire doesn't have them :(
  • Claire has been weaned for 4 days now... tear!
  • Brian will hopefully have a really awesome schedule next quarter!
  • I am doing (processed) Sugar-Free March again! I think that this year will be easier than last year!
I think that's about it! Have a great Leap Year Day!!

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