January Goals Recap

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January was a super fun month for us, we got to enjoy so much family time due to that awesome snow storm!

Keri's January Goals

- Read the book of Titus everyday. Success!
- Run once a week. Success!
- Run 32 miles. Success! This one was tough! There were two days where I had to run 6 miles to make sure that I reached the goal!
- Bike 100 miles. Success! I ended up with just over 117 miles, it would have been much more if the snow storm wouldn't have stopped me from going to 2 of my spin classes!
- 3 trips to the Children's Museum. Success!
- Keep up with the Laundry. Success! There was a bit of a mess when we came home from house sitting but I buckled down and got it cleaned up pretty fast!
- Keep juicing and cleaning juicer. Success!
- Run the Freeze Yer Buns 5k. Success! I beat my previous 5k time by 4 minutes and was the 3rd female finisher!
- Turn the lights off in rooms when I am not using them, basically be more mindful of power usage. Success! I could still do a better job at it but I was definitely more mindful of power usage.
- Monthly life planning meeting/date with the Husband. Success!
- No Starbucks unless it is on a date with the Husband or a friend. Success! I only had Starbucks once with the Hubs on our planning date. I really didn't miss it too much! I plan to continue with the decreased Sbux consumption!
- No fast food. Success! This was easy!
- Get back to using the Allocated Spending Plan. 2011 was a year of buying stuff. I want 2012 to be a year of building our savings! Fail.. We did plan out the budget for February though!
- Break Kenley of the paci.... Fail. She is still obsessed with the paci. We will keep working on it, January just wasn't a great time to try and take it away with us being house sitting and in a different environment for so long. We will probably have to break Claire from the paci too since Kenley will just take Claires..

February is my favorite month because it contains my birthday!! I LOVE my birthday! :)

Keri's February Goals
- Read the book of Esther everyday
- Run at least once a week
- Make my half marathon training plan
- 3 trips to the Children's Museum
- Finish painting the bathroom
- Decide on a paint color for our bedroom
- Celebrate my 25th Birthday! I may very well make myself a cake! :)
- Do at least 1 load of laundry 5 days a week
- Date with the Hubs
- Be more consistent with Kenley (discipline, potty training, paci removal, etc.)
- Be more consistent with Claire (She has been starting to throw food and pitch fits, so its time to start some discipline)
- Stick to the Allocated Spending Plan!

What are your goals for February?


Emily said...

I love the book of Esther!
Vicki can help you with a running plan. She set me up with a training plan for my half... Although I have not been good at sticking to it :/
I refuse to get one of those Starbucks cards... Well working my way to get one ha. Cause then I would just consume way more calories then I need ha. Good luck though I know you can do it! I also know y'all will do great with your spending plan. I can't even imagine life without our monthly spending plans. Well twic monthly plans ha.

Emma said...

Where's Brian's recap???