Terri's Juice Fast Recap

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I asked my wonderful Mother-in-law to do a little recap of her experience with juicing and her journey toward better health! She was kind enough to indulge me and write a post for everyone to enjoy! Thanks Terri!

"Keri and Brian asked if they could have one month of controlling my diet and exercises. (I'm always complaining about my weight.) I gave them November 2010. That is when I first learned how to juice. The recipe was good: 3-5 handfuls of spinach, 1 romaine head of lettuce, 2 apples, 1/2-1 pound of carrots, 1/2 lemon (the lemon makes a huge difference). It looks a little greenish brown, but the taste is really good. I'm not a real carrot fan, but juiced carrots were really sweet. That meant I got way more vegetables than I usually get. WAY more! Through the entire month I really felt satisfied as to not having cravings like usual, especially at night. Brian took the scale from me and when I weighed that Dec. 1st I had dropped 8 pounds. Well, Christmas came. I continued to juice every morning because of the satisfaction that I felt during November. But I didn't continue the "flesh"/"starch" diet that Keri had me on in November. And I didn't exercise like "drill sergeant" Ronk required! lol

Last week (Jan. 9-14) I did a one week juice only diet. We had watched a movie on a guy that did the juice diet for 7 days and at the end he decided to continue on for 6 more months and lost a ton of weight. The first two days were probably the most difficult for me just because so much of our lives are centered around food....ie. lunchtime at work, dinner in the evening. Once the 2nd day was over it was much easier to not think about eating. The juice was very satisfying and I drank it four times a day. Morning, lunch, after work, and late evening (around 7:00). I didn't feel many cravings at night. I reread Brian's post and I agree with him that you don't feel hungry, but you also don't feel full. It's like the Goldilocks story in feeling "just right". As Brian also said, if I did feel the desire to eat I just had more juice or water. I do have to admit that I did eat 4 bananas during this week.....so maybe I can't say it was a total fast. I ate them when I got home from work and I didn't have any juice made up. I'm starting to make double recipes of juice since I have a champion juicer which allows the nutrients/enzymes (ask Keri about this part) to keep their food value. I dropped 3.8 pounds and felt good. I didn't do any exercise. I'm going to continue juicing for breakfast for a while. I feel like it's meeting nutritional needs that haven't been met in years.

One other question that may help some that want to try it: How did I do it with having to fix dinner at night. First, my husband was very supportive, although he didn't want to do it with me. I basically just made a meal for one (meat, salad, vegetable or fruit) and drank my juice while he ate. There were a couple of nights where he got his own dinner. I purposely picked a week that I knew we wouldn't be meeting friends for lunch or going out to eat. It's totally worth the try. I think I may try it again this summer. For the month of February I'm going to juice for breakfast and save enough for after work in the afternoon. Then I'll do small meals for lunch and dinner. I really think juicing will be a part of my life forever. It's a great way to get all the vegetables and nutrition that an aging body needs! lol"

Thanks Terri!

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