Incoherent Rambling

Monday, February 13, 2012

  • I ruined my running new years resolution by accident this week. Bummer. I totally meant to get a run in on Saturday but Brian and I had an at home date night instead. At home date nights rock!
  • I am contemplating doing this Iron Goat Challenge.... But I currently don't swim. I am awesome at not drowning though! Plus I am planning to do a triathlon this summer so I need to get swimming sometime!
  • We got these new cube bookcase things from Ikea! We have so much storage now! I still need to organize all of the cubes and style them a little but so far I am in love! The TV is new too.... That is a result of me saying, "I don't really care what we get". I was expecting a MUCH smaller tv :)
  • Snuggle time in the mornings is my favorite time of the day. My second favorite time of the day is after the girls in bed and I start cleaning the kitchen and juicing while watching previous seasons of The Office on my laptop. I love HuluPlus, totally worth the $7 a month!

  • Kenley likes to put all of her stuffed animals down for naps.
  • She also loves to be held "like a baby" every time we get her out of the tub. Note that we still need to finish painting that darn bathroom!

  • These little girls melt my heart! They hold hands all the time while we are driving now! (Don't worry, we were stuck waiting on a super long train, I was not driving and taking a picture at the same time)
  • Breaking News! I stopped biting my nails! It took 6 months of wearing acrylic nails for the habit to break. I think that working out really helps too because I seem to have less nervous energy. Took me long enough, Right Mr. Pearce? :)
  • Kenley and her BFF Gracen are so funny together! They love playing together in the nursery and Kenley talks about Gracen all the time.
  • They LOVED the "fort"
  • There is a serious lack of CLo pictures because she has been teething like a maniac and sleeping all the time. Seriously in the past week she has gone to bed at 4:30pm 3 of the 7 nights! Craziness! I never intend for her to do that especially since she misses out on dinner but she is miserable otherwise.

  • It's my birthday tomorrow! I will be a quarter of a century! Happy Valentines Day too!!


Emily said...

You should do the iron goat!! I wasn't much of a swimmer either but since I started the Hawaiian island challenge I've empressed even myself!
Which triathlon are you doing? I would love to do one but I can't afford a bike for a long time. More time to train I guess ha.
Love your new storage!!!

Keri Ronk said...

I plan to do the Chelan Man this summer at Lake Chelan!!

We are scouring Craigslist for bikes!

Goodfellows said...

Happy b-day from all the Goodfellows!! We love you and hope you've had a wonderful day!! :-)

Carol Blanchet said...

Happy Birthday, Keri! Hope you have a wonderful day.