It is Summer. I can't be held responsible to actually blog.

Friday, July 6, 2012

I think that for the rest of the summer the best you are going to get from me will probably be iPhone picture dump posts. We seem to be busy all the time but when someone asks me what we have been up to I generally have no idea! 

Brian is busy taking an intensive sign language course at the UW. He is loving it! He says it's like he gets to play charades all day long. He is getting very fast with his finger spelling, I have been practicing a bit too because I would love to learn sign language. This is a great website for learning/practicing finger spelling. We are even thinking that maybe in the future this would open up some doors so that we would be able to adopt deaf kids. Wouldn't that be wild?

I have been busy with the usual stuff. Laundry, dishes, feeding the family, running, etc. I am still on track with my half marathon training! It is getting close and I am really excited! I have also started working out a few times a week with my friend Chloe. We are letting Jillian Michaels kick us into gear. I was semi convinced last week that Jillian Michaels personally came into my house while I was sleeping and stabbed me in the glutes. :) 

The girls are busy being adorable... just look at this swimsuit!

I am in love with these Dark Chocolate Honey Mints from Trader Joe's. They are the perfect way to end every meal including breakfast! 

Summer peeked out for a few hours so we filled up the kiddie pool with hot tub water and enjoyed our time outside! 

Brian has also been busy getting our garden planted! We planted very late but we are hoping that it will be okay since summer hasn't really started yet anyway! 

Kenley harvesting some of our first strawberries. You will notice that she LOVES to wear her owl jammies. LOVES them. Thanks AuntieCousin Nicole! 

Kenley also really loves her cousin James. On Sunday, James and Claire switched cars so that Kenley and James could ride together on the way to the restaurant after church. 

There was a lot of singing songs, making funny faces, and hand holding.

This is our living room every day. It usually starts out clean and tidy and after 4 minutes of Kenley play time it becomes crazy zone. I love that I can throw everything in those IKEA baskets, it makes clean up super easy! 

Yes, my embroidery skills need some work... But, it is finished! That is an accomplishment!

Have you been dying to know what kind of toothpaste we use? Grown ups on the left, kiddos on the right. I had to use the kids toothpaste one day when we were out of ours and I gagged! Strawberry toothpaste just seems so wrong, I need minty fresh! The girls love the strawberry one though!

 Different Day. Same Jammies. Day Time.... 

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Goodfellows said...

ditto to being too busy to blog! :-) and yes, that strawberry toothpaste is gross! The girls do not even like it. We use the Jason and the regular Toms too.