Lake Chelan 2012 Part 4- The last one!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kenley wanted to be just like the big boys. It was sad to say goodbye to the Latimer's! We had so much fun with them! 

This is why there are teeth marks in my chap stick...

Brian and I snuck off for a date while the Grandparents watched the girls. It was exactly the kind of date that I love! We walked from the condo into town and chatted the whole way there. Then we walked around downtown Mansion looking at all of the menu's and restaurant choices. We settled on Orchard Wood Ovens. It was fantastic! If you are ever in Manson you really need to eat there! 

We started off with the almonds which were delicious! I can't wait to try recreating them! I love me some rosemary and some salt! 

I really love dates where we get to sit and talk and take our time relaxing and enjoying the evening! 

For the pizza I talked Brian into the goat cheese and caramelized onion. He was very skeptical but gave in to me. :) He was very glad that he did because we both ended up absolutely loving the pizza! So much so that we made everyone come back with us the next night so that they could all try it too! I really want to try recreating this at home too! 

 The group of us polished off 2 large goat cheese and onion and 1 large sausage which was also fantastic. Then Bob decided to surprise us with ordering Brian and I a goat cheese and caramelized onion pizza to take on the road with us. They spoil us big time! 

Let's just pretend that Brian's eyes are open and that this is a great family picture of us! 

The girls were totally zonked on the way home. Claire rode the first half of the way home with an empty coconut water bottle hanging out of her mouth. 

Kenley rode the first half of the way home with her blanket covering her face in what looks to be the most awkward sleeping position ever! 

My only regret is that we didn't get a group picture of everyone. That is my number 1 goal for next year! 

P.S. I'm already really excited for next years trip! 

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Carol Blanchet said...

Has anyone told you that you have the cutest kids EVER? Well, YOU DO!
Family Vacations rock! :-)